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What this book will teach you
In her eBook, What Should You Buy for an Investment Home and Why, Gail Moncla, owner of Rental Home Management, shares important information to help you make a wise decision as a first-time investor. The eBook covers the most relevant topics pertaining to real estate investing, including:
The 5 Most Relevant Topics:
  • How Purchasing a Rental Property Enhances Your Portfolio in More Ways Than One
  • The Pros and Cons of Investing in a Property Far Away from Home
  • A Calculation Formula to Determine How Much Money to Save for Unexpected Costs
  • The Best Locations for Investment Homes
  • The Best Types of Investment Properties for First-Time Investors
About The Author
Gail Moncla, CPM, MPM
Gail has spent the last 26 years as a principal in the Residential Property Management business. She has studied the industry both here in the United States and abroad to find best practices she could use to improve her business; constantly fine tuning and reevaluating her work flow and practices to create the most efficient, proactive and profitable business model for the residential property management industry. As a CPM and MPM, and a certified real estate instructor, she has written courses and trained Florida residential property managers for many years.
Before you take on the responsibility and expense of an investment property, get the facts about real estate investing and property management. Download and read this free eBook from Gail Moncla. 

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